Missing Children—Prevention and Reporting
How to Prevent Child Abduction, Kidnapping, and Missing Children

  1. Monitor your child’s use of electronics, cellphones, gaming, computers
  2. Monitor your child’s online activity including social media accounts, who they are friending, following and chatting
  3. Track your child’s location on their cell phone
  4. Enable safety devices or parental controls
  5. Enhance privacy settings on social media sites, limiting access by preventing “public” viewing
  6. Communicate with your child and keep the line of communication open regarding safety and security of their personal information
  7. Save your child’s fingerprints and current photo for easy access, update this yearly. Obtain your free kit at https://www.childsafekit.com
    What to do if your child is missing? If you believe hour child is missing, do not wait,  you must report it immediately.